Activists and Researchers

Erin Pizzey the founder of the shelter movement for battered women, and now a whistle-blower on how violent-prone feminists have hijacked the movement for their own anti-male agenda.

Rena Sommer  a researcher into female and male domestic violence and Parent Alienation Syndrome.

Trudy Schuett editor of The Liberator, news magazine of the Men's/Fathers' International Unity Movement and author of .

Tracey Sisco a paralegal who specialises in getting dad's custody of their children after lawyers have given up!

Eeva Sodhi has been instrumental in getting Statistics Canada to eliminate much of it bias in reporting statistics relating to domestic violence.
Dr Suzanne Steinmetz is one of the leading researchers into domestic violence and has been raising awareness about the needs of battered men as far back as the 1970's.

Sandra Orozco is a speaker for SAFE, Stop Abuse For Everyone and a long time advocate for domestic violence victims of ALL kinds.

Babette Francis, of the Endeavour Forum of Australia. Pro-life and anti-feminist.