Authors and Journalists
Cathy Young author of Ceasefire! (Why Women and Men Must Join Forces to Achieve True Equality) and many articles about gender on-line and off. She is also the vice president of the Women's Freedom Network.

Christina Hoff Sommers author of Who Stole Feminism? (How Women Have Betrayed Women) and of The War Against Boys. She first coined the term "gender feminist" and has been one of their most vocal opponents.

Wendy McElroy is the founder of the iFeminists group. She has written several books including XXX: A woman's right to pornography, and has attacked the US Violence Against Women Act as "gender apartheid".

Daphne Patai is the author of Heterophobia a strong attack on the sexual harassment industry, and co-authored Professing Feminism lifting the lid on Women's Studies programs.

Melanie Phillips is a British journalist and the author of The Sex-Change Society (Feminised Britain and the Neutered Male) where she criticises the feminist attack on masculinity in the UK.

Donna LaFramboise is a Canadian journalist who has consistently defended men while continuing to call herself a feminist. Her thoughts on the rest of the movement can be found in The Princess at the Window and in articles on-line.

Rene Denfeld is the author of The New Victorians (A Young Woman's Challenge to the Old Feminist Order) where she makes a case that modern feminism is sexually repressive, self-righteous and anti-male.

Camile Paglia another pro-porn, pro-guy dissident feminist.

Kathleen Parker is nationally syndicated columnist and a pundit for Jewish World Review where she often highlights the "male" point of view on gender issues.

Elizabeth Fox Genovese, author of Feminism is Not The Story of My Life

Dr Tana Dineen a columnist for the Ottawa Citizen and author of Manufacturing Victims.